Fundraise with MonsterAid

Fundraise with MonsterAid

By Chesiree Katter

Fundraise with MonsterAid

Can we be a part of your team?

No, really, it’s possible now. Since we’re now partnering with FlipGive, we can be teammates and help you fundraise towards your goals. 

You can also use FlipGive to support an organization you want to see thrive. 


How it works:

  • When you’re ready to buy some Monster Aid gear, login to your FlipGive account and search for Monster Aid.
  • We will donate 25% of your purchase to your team or organization!
  • Your team receives this portion to put towards jerseys, supplies, trip costs -- you name it. 

At Monster Aid, we aim to be abnormally helpful in any situation. Let us help you take your team to its target goal and bring home a win.