Monster Aid Supports Black Lives Matter

Monster Aid Supports Black Lives Matter

By Chesiree Katter

Monster Aid Supports Black Lives Matter

At our core, we believe that everyone should feel safe. 

Just a little over two months ago, protests for justice swept over the country. Communities came together to fight for the right to feel safe and secure. 

While we also took action in our individual lives, Monster Aid came together as a team to see what we could do to support people’s right to participate in a movement for equality. 

We decided to reach out to the local Black Lives Matter chapters in our areas, Southern California and Washington, to send them free face masks to keep them safe while protesting. 

We’d like to thank Fox Hampton of Black Lives Matter Seattle and the Black Lives Matter Los Angeles team for allowing us to contribute our resources to their efforts. We were able to send 400 masks to each chapter to be used for protesters on the frontline, mutual medical aid stations, and more. 

“We are very much still aware that we are in the midst of global pandemic and much of this work requires that we care for our siblings,” a representative from BLM LA said. 

“The masks will be used to ensure our members, allies and community members have masks to help keep ourselves and others safe as we continue the work to advance justice.”

Our community is important to us, and we hope the effort to achieve justice and unity continues to create positive change.

We are here to help. If your organization is in need of PPE, please get in touch with our outreach coordinator, Chesiree