Supporting Your Community During COVID-19

Supporting Your Community During COVID-19

By Chesiree Katter

Supporting Your Community During COVID-19

Social distancing doesn’t mean you have to lose touch with your favorite local businesses, organizations or neighbors.

Staying involved with your community can help keep connections strong, which makes getting through this just a bit easier. Here are some tips on how you can play a role in helping your community thrive. 

1. Stay Connected and Share Away

Many cities and businesses have taken to social media to send updates to residents and regulars. Sharing their posts on your social media accounts can help boost their traffic, keeping them visible. 

The most important thing, especially for small businesses, is to stay in the loop, so your share or repost means a lot!

2. Buy Gift Cards or Pay in Advance

A lot of us have had to forgo our monthly haircuts, weekly facials, or other various appointments. Businesses like salons rely on their routine schedule and seeing their regular clients.  

If your specialist runs their own business, buying a gift card to use later, or paying in advance for a service can help them immensely. If your favorite dining spot is still open for takeout, pick up some grub to enjoy at home. 


3. Protect Yourself and Others 

Girl with face mask standing outside.

When out and about in your community, make sure you’re wearing your Monster Aid face mask to protect yourself and others.

For grocery store clerks and restaurant workers to remain healthy and able to work, this is essential. Making the safety of others a priority is a much appreciated way of supporting a community. 


4. Shop for Others 

Many grocery stores are supporting the elderly community by introducing special hours for them to shop. However, many are still cautious about going out in public to shop for essentials.

If you know any elderly people in your neighborhood that would benefit from your time, give them a knock and offer! You can also research campaigns going on in your city that are connecting people in need with volunteers to shop for them. This small act is a wonderful way to show you care. 


5. Spread Kindness

It’s normal to be cautious about socializing while being out and about at stores or on walks. But never hesitate to flash a smile or wave to the people you see while venturing out in your neighborhood. Isolation can be tough on everyone, so it’s a nice reminder that we’re not alone, and we’ll get through this together.

Remember: You’ve Got This 

The best way to support your community through COVID-19 is to believe that we’ll come out of this stronger than ever. By following guidelines put in place by our community leaders, and extending an encouraging word, you can be the light that supports a beautiful recovery.