Monster Aid Takes Action: Two Weeks After Launch, Over Half a Million Masks Sold

By Chesiree Katter

SAN DIEGO -- On April 17, 2020, Monster Aid launched its efforts to provide high-quality personal protection equipment (PPE) to individuals, organizations, and businesses in need. Since opening its doors, over 600,000 masks have been delivered, and the numbers grow by the day. 

Founders Michael Maddux and Nathanael Hartman saw the need for a reliable source of PPE when shelter-in-place orders started to be issued across the country. Their mission was to deliver protection efficiently while separating from the recent price gouging and lack of availability in the industry.

“Monster Aid was born as an answer to the fear that COVID-19 elicited,” said Hartman. “We wanted to be something that was more powerful than fear. For us, action challenges fear.”

Hartman and Maddux are also partnering founders of Flooret, a flooring company based locally in San Diego, CA and Lacey, WA. Due to its success in the industry as a direct-to-consumer company, Flooret was able to leverage its strong global connections to launch Monster Aid. 

“Our driving force is to only charge enough to keep reordering supplies, and getting them to people who need them,” Hartman said. To keep costs low as possible, Hartman says the company has been forgoing admin salaries, shaving pennies off of shipping costs, and keeping a firm eye on market fluctuation. “Success to us would be seeing safety equipment prices back where they were before COVID-19, and widely available to everyone who needs them,” Hartman said. 

Currently, Monster Aid provides 3-ply single-use face masks on their website, in quantities of 10 or 50 per box, and in cases of 2,000

The team behind Monster Aid is excited to see their communities strengthened by action and compassion. Monster Aid will continue to be an accessible and transparent resource as long as it’s needed.

Monster Aid is prepared to help with whatever is needed to keep individuals, businesses, and organizations strong amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. With constant support, a hardworking team and a strong belief in our values, Monster Aid’s mission is to deliver protection at the lowest possible cost, without sacrificing quality or safety. You can count on us to be abnormally helpful when things get scary.