Abnormally helpful when things get scary.

We founded Monster Aid during the COVID-19 pandemic with two primary goals: to keep supporting our team and to help out our communities however we can. We saw the impact of PPE shortages around the country and found a way to provide some relief.

While many PPE suppliers took advantage of the sudden increase in demand for their products and marked up their prices, we took a different approach: high-quality PPE at a fair price with fast, free shipping to anywhere in the country.

With our background in disrupting markets with direct-to-consumer pricing and distribution, we are uniquely positioned to make life-saving products accessible, affordable, and available to all.

Now, we're expanding our offerings to include apparel, accessories, gear, and more. We donate 10% of every purchase to our rotating Quarterly Cause and we're looking for even more ways to support causes and organizations that make a difference in their communities.

Our Mission

- To be abnormally helpful.

- To support our people while protecting yours.

- To provide high-quality products without the markup.

- To make essential, life-saving goods accessible to everyone.

Our Values

- Transparency: Be honest.

- Integrity: Be real.

- Equality: Be fair.

- Hospitality: Be kind.

We wanted to be something that was more powerful than fear. For us, action challenges fear.

Monster Aid was born when the call to conquer the fear surrounding COVID-19 arose. As it changed our daily routines, and eventually our lives, we knew that we had to do whatever we could to make sure our loved ones, and everyone around us, was protected.

Thanks to our strong connections around the globe, we were able to supply high-quality personal protection equipment (PPE) to essential businesses and people across the country. 

Our team at Monster Aid has always believed in creating value, every step of the way: by forgoing salaries, forming strong partnerships with businesses to secure donated storage, and minimizing shipping and handling costs while still getting our products into your hands as fast as possible. Our goal is to charge a fair price for our products and to fight the markups that have plagued this industry for too long. 

We want to see our communities come back stronger than ever. And as we begin to return to the hustle of our daily lives, Monster Aid is here for you, every step of the way. 

You can count on us to be abnormally helpful when things get scary.