Happy Abnormal Holidays! Your Monster Aid Gift Guide

Happy Abnormal Holidays! Your Monster Aid Gift Guide

By Chesiree Katter

Happy Abnormal Holidays! Your Monster Aid Gift Guide

Happy Abnormal Holidays!

Monster Aid is a big fan of celebrating those we love. The holidays may be taking on a new look this year, but we think it’s still totally possible to spread cheer (not the virus)! 

With so many hand-designed pieces in our shop, there's a gift for everyone. We’ve put together this little gift guide to help construct some thoughtful, unique presents. Each gift includes an original Monster Aid face covering so that you can enjoy your celebrations safely. 

Bigfoot’s Knapsack 

Imagine your friendly neighborhood sasquatch romping through the woods with this little knapsack on his arm! This is a classic, can’t-go-wrong gift that is as fun to put together as it is to unwrap.

In the knapsack: The Subtle Sasquatch Face Mask, a festive card, and a Bigfoot chocolate almond treat. All wrapped up with Wicked O’s Classic bandana in the color Redwood with a sprig of herbs we picked ourselves. This is always a nice touch!

We’re big on sustainability at Monster Aid, and that means using what’s around us to gift responsibly. So why not use part of the gift... to wrap up the gift?!

The Happy Camper 

Most people who love camping don’t actually want a lot of things. Camping out is all about taking the necessities only, no extra weight! We think our Happy Camper gift is perfect for the person who’s always looking for the next adventure.

Included in the Happy Camper are a few essentials: the Scout Tee, our Subtle Sasquatch and Knapsack face masks, the Sundance Neck Gaiter (perfect for keeping your neck warm on the trails!) and of course, a chocolate to make the ultimate s’more. And who doesn’t love a good pair of socks? Wrap it all up in the Hoodoo Honey bandana and your camper will be the happiest on the site!

To Our Heroes this Holiday

Many of our loved ones don’t have the option of coming home this year. They’ve been working hard on the front lines ever since the start of COVID-19, and we don’t think we can thank them enough. Show the first responder in your life appreciation with the Holiday Hero gift set.

Inside: Two face masks that are coming soon! Monster Aid hand sanitizer, an encouraging sticker and thoughtful card, all wrapped up in our Monster Meditation bandana to send good vibes.