How Fix the Mask is Changing the Game

How Fix the Mask is Changing the Game

By Chesiree Katter

How Fix the Mask is Changing the Game

Remember our blog post showing the comparison between N-95 masks, surgical masks, and bandanas? 

With N-95’s being the leader in air filtration, but the shortest in supply, one company stepped up to make surgical masks (the kind Monster Aid sells!) fit securely and do a better* job of filtering the air you breathe. 

Fix the Mask, founded by a team of highly skilled engineers and developers, aims to transform 3-ply surgical masks into PPE that is highly protective by simply adding a rubber band. 

Monster Aid isn’t affiliated with this awesome team in any way, but we love their mission: to provide the public with the PPE that every person deserves. Like us, they saw a need in their hospitals, public places, and communities for high-quality protection during COVID-19, and they answered the call.

Surgical masks are manufactured at a higher rate than N-95’s -- which is why it’s still possible to purchase them now.

Although they do a decent job of filtering particles (with a ~30% air filtration rate), they are not as fitted-to-the-face as the two-banded N-95.

With their rubber band solution, Fix the Mask has crafted a simple way to secure a surgical mask to the face so that it stays put while the wearer performs tasks -- lessening the need to adjust the mask, and decreasing the chance for particles to enter the mouth and nose area.

This is a great invention for first responders who are extremely active throughout the day in their masks. Plus, more barriers = more coverage, and you can’t go wrong with that. 

We asked our Public Health Educator, Sameerah Wahab, what she thought about this invention:  

“With N-95s in short supply, this is a great alternative for the public and essential workers to increase the level of overall protection,” Wahab said. “This mask device  elevates protection either in its manufactured or DIY form. It’s a great addition to everyday PPE! I highly support it.”

Best of all, for those of us at home who would like the extra security, Fix the Mask offers a DIY method to upgrade your surgical mask -- so you can transform your Monster Aid mask with just three rubber bands. Here’s how!


Here's to staying safe and keeping our masks secure. Thanks for what you do, Fix the Mask! 


Disclaimer*: Masks have only been tested to show air filtration. There is no scientific research to determine the level of protection in a Fix The Mask surgical mask vs. an N95. We do not claim that these barriers can prevent contracting COVID-19.