Restaurants Are Starting to Reopen -- Here's How Monster Aid Can Help

Restaurants Are Starting to Reopen -- Here's How Monster Aid Can Help

By Chesiree Katter

Restaurants Are Starting to Reopen -- Here's How Monster Aid Can Help


After weeks of closed doors, restaurants are finally getting the green light to open up and invite guests to dine-in again. 

So many of us are stoked to visit our favorite spot and enjoy a delicious meal while experiencing the restaurant ambiance. For restaurant owners, reopening can be exciting, but tough to navigate -- keeping up with CDC guidelines, accounting for new maximum capacities, and the ongoing effort to keep PPE in stock can get tricky. 

Monster Aid is here to make sure every community can reopen safely and successfully. Through all the hurdles, your customers’ happiness and employees’ comfort remain the key priorities - and we’re here to help with that. Here are some tips to keep things running smoothly. 

1. Opt For Touchless Ordering & Payment

Encouraging your customers to look at menus online via QR codes or your restaurant’s website will ensure less contact between surfaces. In addition, many restaurants are only taking credit cards or phone payments.

2. Operate at a Lower Capacity

In order to keep guests six feet apart while dining, restaurants are decreasing the number of tables in the dining room. This makes social distancing that much easier. 

Barista looking at pourover machine.

3. Sanitize Often 

Many businesses are implementing a sanitization timer to remind employees to disinfect surfaces, wash hands, and double-check their work area. Placing hand sanitizing stations around the restaurant for guests and employees to use is a great idea.  

4. Keep Safety in Full Supply

Although guests are allowed to remove their masks at their table, workers must keep their masks on throughout their entire shift. Making sure your staff is protected is essential, and having a reliable source for PPE can make a world of difference, and will help your customers feel comfortable. 

That’s where we come in! 

Monster Aid is happy to work one-on-one with restaurant and store operators to make sure your business has everything it needs to thrive during COVID-19. From face masks, to hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes (coming soon!) we’ve got you covered. 


Remember -- we’re in this together.

We know it’s been some time, but navigating through a pandemic takes a lot of work. It’s always better to be safe and sure, to give your business the best possible opportunity to flourish during uncertain times. Monster Aid sees even brighter days ahead!